The Short Version

fullsizerender-1I like to challenge myself.  I appreciate my body’s ability to take me to new places and always want to see more of the world. My friends call me the Punisher, mostly because I like to get the most out of life but also because that usually means I go one step beyond comfortable. So far, it has always been worth it.

In 2017 I have two mini mantras: “Be more unicorn” and “Put some salt on it”. These are ways to remind myself to be more positive and appreciative and to take things to the next level. I am also excited to join the Salomon family as an ambassador in 2017. I ran my first ultra in what turned out to be the completely wrong model of Salomons for the terrain, but my feet held up and I have learned a lot about shoe selection since then.

The Long Version

I really really like running. I love exploring. Somehow it took me 27 years to realize that I could do both of these things at once while also feeding my competitive drive. While I ran track and cross-country in college, I was not a contributing member of the team. I walked on my sophomore year mostly in search of the team dynamic I was missing after 14 years of competitive soccer. I didn’t have much self-belief in my running ability and the coaching environment at that time was not very supportive. My team mates were great and I had a lot of fun, but I did not leave college looking toward the next stage of my running “career” (lol).

I never ran consistently after college but ticked off a few big races (and lots of smaller ones) nonetheless. I decided to run the Boston Marathon before moving away, and while I had good training ethic from college, some of the motivation waned in those cold winter Boston months. While living in London for grad school I ran a few 10Ks, a couple half marathons and a very painful London Marathon but never even thought about trail running and couldn’t squeeze in more than a few runs a week with my rigorous academic (and beer drinking) schedule.

My now husband and I eventually moved to the Bay Area and I decided I wanted to run on trails. I signed up for some random St. Patty’s day half marathon at the park near where we lived. I studied the course map and went out to the park for a training run. I could barely make it 6 miles. I never ran that race and it took me 3 years to finally run a trail race.

I do wish I had found trail running and consistent training earlier in my life because I worry that I have squandered years at my physical peak and I really want to know how fast I can be. That being said, I am really excited to see what the future holds now that I have a great coach and a supportive community.


untitled-1_19.pngI am proud to have the support of Salomon who provide me with shoes and gear as well as inspiring team mates and the important reminder to be playful.


QevFPeE- I have been a fan of Sufferfest Beer since they launched and love they way they celebrate the local endurance athlete community, foster sustainability and set a shining example of the power of woman owned business. Their beer also rocks!

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